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13 Heart Failure Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


What Is Heart Failure?

Contrary to what the name implies, a heart failure doesn’t imply that your heart has stopped functioning, in fact, it just stops to function as effectively as it should. What really happens is, your heart muscles become weak and brittle, and they are unable to adequately pump oxygen and blood throughout your body.

Your body and its mechanisms try to compensate for this lack of blood, but if this condition continues to go untreated it can result in a fatalistic emergency. It is ideal to begin the treatment as soon as the symptoms are spotted.

congestion around heart
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What are the Causes of Heart Failure?

As our body begins to age, the health of our heart also undergoes a period of decline, however, even youngsters can contract heart diseases if they have unhealthy lifestyles and harmful habits.

In most cases, heart failure is caused by an underlying disease, for instance coronary artery disease, hypertension, a heart defect by birth, weakness in the muscles that pump blood or a heart attack.

Heart failure is also caused by diabetes, sleep apnea, lung disease and obesity.


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  2. I think you should have to change your daily chores and lifestyle while doing so…Because living with a hazy lifestyle won’t effect your problem and it will last long…So I think you should have to go for change in your life…and then, observe the changes….The Resulting outcomes will be far better and favourable…


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