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5 Common Food-Drug Interactions


4. Salt Substitutes

Consumers who intake digoxin for heart failure or ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure should be careful in taking salt substitutes, as it replaces sodium with potassium. If a person takes too much of potassium, the effectiveness of digoxin can be decreased which can also a cause of heart failure. People who took ACE inhibitors will notice a major increase in blood potassium levels, as ACE are known to increase potassium.

“There is no real need to avoid salt substitutes, although care should be taken when using the product,” say Plogsted. “If the patient noticed any sort of kidney disorder then they should consult their doctor as well

5. Tyramine-Containing Foods

High blood levels of the amino acid tyramine can cause an increase in blood pressure. There are several medications that can interact with the breakdown of tyramine, which includes including monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) that are used in the treatment of depression, including monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

Plogsted suggests to people who are taking these drugs to avoid having tyramine-rich foods. There is a long list of such foods but here we are listing down some of them which include: chocolate, aged and mature cheeses, smoked and aged/fermented meats, hot dogs, some processed lunch meats, fermented soy products and draft beers (canned and bottled beers are OK).

If you are starting any new medicines or having a new prescription then you should always read the drug warning labels and ask about them from you doctor or pharmacist about which foods you should take and which you should avoid while taking these drugs and not only this you should ask about all other precautionary measures too.



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