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5 Filling Breakfasts for Weight Loss


Your breakfast is the first meal of your day, and it determines your energy levels for the rest of day. If you start your day with a healthy and wholesome breakfast, it energizes your body, speeds up your metabolism, and satiates your appetite. Starting your day without having breakfast is an incredibly unhealthy habit that can damage your body in the long run.

All it takes is 15 minutes to fix yourself a delicious and satiating breakfast that will build up your energy levels and aid your weight loss goals, along with maintaining your strength to sweat it out at the gym. That doesn’t sound so bad, now does it?

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You can pick out several superfoods that provide powerful amounts of essential nutrients, primarily protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in promoting satiating and enhancing energy. We’ve picked out 5 incredibly scrumptious, effortless-to-make and protein-powered breakfast food items that will fuel your energy levels and cut down belly fat.

Here, take a look:

1. Protein-Rich Pancakes

Pancakes are not as unhealthy as most people consider them to be, as long as you are mixing in the right ingredients, you can reap powerful quantities of healthy carbs and protein from pancakes. Make sure you don’t even glance in the direction of pre-made white flour pancake mixes, when you can pick out healthier and easy-to-make high-protein pancake mixes like, Mancakes and FlapJacked.

FlapJacked will provide your body a whopping 17 grams of protein, and around 7 grams of fiber with every 200 calorie serving, while Mancakes will provide an even more impressive 21 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fiber with every 280 calorie serving.


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