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6 diseases related to vaping reported in Colorado


State health authorities reported that four of the six vaping enthusiasts ended up getting admitted in the hospital.

In Denver, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE), on Wednesday, reported that six cases of severe lung disease across Colorado have been linked with vaping. The authorities reveal that four of these six patients have been hospitalized.

They further revealed that two of these patients revealed that they only vaped marijuana, while one revealed that they vaped both marijuana and nicotine, and the other only consumed nicotine-based products.

Two of the cases of lung illness caused by vaping were reported in Boulder Country, while the others were reported in Jefferson, Denver, Weld, and Arapahoe counties. The authorities reveal that the outbreak report conducted in light of these cases reveals that severe lung diseases are mostly important the youth across Colorado, particularly those who have a habit of vaping nicotine, marijuana or both.

6 Diseases Related To Vaping
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The healthcare experts advise people to quit vaping until medical science has substantial evidence to understand what factors are causing the emergence of this illness. The authorities reveal that in one case, the patient had recently use a vaping product, which led to the development of a breathing condition, and this condition did not reveal an infection upon conducting the relevant medical tests.

Health officials in Colorado revealed that other common causes of the disease have also been identified and ruled out as vaping remains the primary cause. Statistics reveal that since 12th September, the 36 states of the US, and one US territory have witnessed over 380 cases of lung disease. At least six people have lost their lives to this illness.

The healthcare authorities continue to collaborate with state, local and national healthcare authorities to identify similar cases and to work closely towards identifying the primary cause of this illness.

How can you protect yourself?

Public health recommendations against vaping-induced diseases urge individuals to stop vaping altogether. It is considered much more dangerous than smoking and using other nicotine-based products.

People who are habitual of regular vaping are advised to keep an eye out for symptoms like shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, chest aches, fatigue, feverishness and a persistent cough. It is also important to avoid buying modified vaping products, or adding any substances to these vaping products that have not been added by the manufacturer. It is also important to avoid buying vaping products from the streets.

Parents are advised to talk to their children, particularly teenagers, about the side-effects and risk factors of vaping. Parents can log onto tabaccofreeco.org to access free resources that can help children understand the risk factors.

If you think that you or someone you know has acquired a disease or infection due to a vaping product, immediately contact the local health department or a doctor. You can also get in touch with the poison control authorities at 1-800-222-1222.


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