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6 Signs Your Liver Might Be Failing


Our body is inborn with a self-detoxifying organ responsible for the effective removal of toxins from the body. We don’t need any external health promoting products for the body cleansing.

The liver is characterized to perform many essential functions which include blood filtration, hormone production and as an energy reservoir. It is also responsible to produce chemicals that facilitate digestion.

Your body is characterized to alarm you with all the health concerns. There are plenty of symptoms indicating the abnormal functioning of the liver.

Signs liver failing
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Credit: www.health-zone.org

This article entails all the common alarming symptoms that would inform you about every abnormality.

1. Abdominal pain

If you experience any pain or swelling in the right quadrant of your belly, it might be due to liver failure. Since most of your abdominal cavity is occupied with the liver, therefore if there is any inflammation inside it, you will feel the abnormality.

sharp pain in side of stomach
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2. Pale eyes

During the breakdown of old worn out blood cells, bilirubin is produced inside your body as a byproduct. The liver is responsible for the effective removal of this yellowish compound. But when liver turns abnormal or diseased, it results in the accumulation bilirubin in your blood which ultimately turns your skin and eyes, yellow pale. It instigates the condition of jaundice.

scleral icterus
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  1. They left out constipation. I just had a liver transplant 9 weeks ago due to 35 years of alcoholism. Stomach cramps and hard stool was my worst sign. The whole time I was on the transplant list I was prescribed oral laxative. They also left out abdominal and lower extremity swelling. My legs and stomach were so swollen they had to drain fluid from my stomach with a needle the size of a turkey thermometer. 3 times they drained 6 liters from me. No fun.

  2. Hello, I am in a resthome at 50 years old. I chose to be here for a continuation of rehabilitation services. I once abused pain pills, alcohol and every other thing I could abuse to feed my addictions and depression. I am 6 years into partial recovery, but they are constantly changing my medicines. I have become concerned about all of these medicines that I take and whether or not, they are helping or leading me closer & closer to organ failure. We trust doctors right? Sometimes I question them and the interaction of all these pills. —- I would like to hear the opinion of others about this, because I know that in the past I was going down a dead end road…

  3. I have 4 years of painful in stomach in Hepatitis B is activate and see for daughter no dangerous about this any suggestion of this virus in advice

  4. Dears , can you all stop repeatedly posting the same things over and over? It’s always lemons and artery clogs and flat belly ,good breakfast, glowing skin and these foods will kill you. Post some new, reliable and useful please.

  5. I have all the sign mentioned in this information. Please suggest me some good medicine that can be available in India which are cheap and best. Soliciting your co-operation.


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