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7 Best Foods for an Underactive Thyroid


If you are suffering from the awful symptoms of hypothyroidism, you need to consider the fact that your daily diet and food consumption has a detrimental influence on the health and functioning of your thyroid. We are all aware of the fact that hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid can never be completely cured, but as long as you focus on maintaining a mindful and wholesome, thyroid-friendly diet, you can manage your symptoms and keep your condition under check.

The thyroid is basically a butterfly-shaped gland present within the neck, and its role is to control and manage all metabolic activities that take place within the body. The thyroid performs its functions by giving birth to the thyroid hormones, which are responsible for regulating some key bodily processes, such as burning off calories and regulating the heart rate.

People who suffer from underactive thyroids are unable to produce sufficient amounts of these hormones, which causes them to feel extremely exhausted, fatigued and depressed, and they tend to gain weight despite failing to eat any of their favourite foods.

Best Foods for Underactive Thyroid [Infographic]
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Consuming synthetic thyroid hormone can help make up for the deficiency, and help you get back to your normal self. However, it is also important to add certain food items to your daily diet and eliminate certain others in order to aid your thyroid in restoring its health and functioning. This will aid you in avoiding the consumption of higher and higher doses of synthetic thyroid hormones by eliminating your complete reliance on them to maintain your thyroid function.

So, in order to decrease your dependence on thyroid medication and synthetic thyroid hormones, you need to focus on creating a healthy and mindful thyroid-friendly diet. We’ve picked out the foods items that you ought to add and subtract for your diet.
Here’s everything you need to know:

Consider boosting your daily diet with the more…

1. Salmon

Various researchers have reported that most patients suffering from the Hashimoto’s disease, an extremely common autoimmune disease that is also a prevalently occurring kind of hypothyroidism, tend to have significantly reduced levels of vitamin D as compared to the population at large.

This revelation is alarming because depleted levels of vitamin D are directly associated with higher concentrations of thyroid antibodies. These thyroid antibodies trigger the immune system and influence it to attack the thyroid tissue, which leads to severe inflammation, making it difficult for the thyroid to perform its functions.

It is essential to consume the recommended daily dosage of at least 600 IUs of vitamin D to eliminate and prevent inflammation and aid the thyroid in performing its functions to the best of its capacity. Salmon is your richest food-based source of this vitamin, and all you need is one 3-ounce serving of this scrumptious fatty fish to obtain an impressive 570 IUs of vitamin D.

If you’re not a big fan of fish, you can obtain your daily fix of vitamin D from other sources, such as sunflower oil, eggs, milk, and even fortified orange juice. Some sun bathing is also a terrific idea to boost your vitamin D intake.


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