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7 Best Foods for an Underactive Thyroid


You should consider reducing your consumption of…

4. Soy

Consuming unhealthy soy-based foods, or even consuming too much soy in general can lead to severe complications with your thyroid condition. This is primarily because the body requires iodine, an important mineral that serves as a vital building block for producing the thyroid hormone, and soy contains a rich concentration of isoflavone compounds, which tend to prevent iodine from performing its functions.

Research reveals that many patients suffering from hypothyroidism don’t really need to completely cut off their consumption of soy and soy-based products. However, it is highly advisable to reduce your intake of soy to a few servings each week. Also, it is strongly recommended to pick out minimally processed varieties of soy, such as miso or tempeh.

Foods that are rich in processed soy protein isolates, such as soy protein powder, soy-based meat analogs, and soy protein bars, tend to pack up a much richer density of isoflavones, hence it is best to eliminate these from your diet entirely.

5. Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous vegetables, including kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli, are powerhouses of nutrition. These delightful vegetables contain an incredibly high concentration of naturally-occurring enzymes, termed as goitrogens, which tend to disturb the production of the thyroid hormone.

Fortunately, research reveals that despite this shocking revelation, patients with an underactive thyroid don’t need to eliminate them from their diets entirely. All you need to do is reduce your consumption to a mindfully moderate dose.

Taking a few servings of cruciferous vegetables each week is completely alright, but consuming the juice of five pounds of kale every day is a bad idea that can aggravate your thyroid condition. In order to stay safe and enjoy all your favourite cruciferous veggies, be sure to consume them after they are fully cooked as the heat aids in neutralising all the harmful enzymes that disrupt the development of the thyroid hormone.


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