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7 Delicious Ways To Have Rhubarb For Breakfast


Spring floods gardens with not just flowers but it brings tons of delicious and mouth-watering vegetables and fruits. We are indicating one pink delectable plant that’s commonly overlooked by people in their craze for cherries, blueberries and strawberries: Rhubarb. It’s peak time is between spring and summers, when the tart-flavored stalks are added to pies but rhubarb’s utility in food doesn’t end here. Beyond desserts, the seasonal plant can be integrated into your breakfast in delicious yet easy ways.

It’s best to seek out red-stalked rhubarb (stiff stalked rather than limped one) in farmer’s market and get it stored in your fridge at home. Rhubarb is often combined with something sweet to even out its tart flavor, but there’s more beyond baking, roasting or stewing the stalks. Beware of toxic leaves and cut them out before cooking.

For providing pink flair in your breakfast, check out these amazing recipes:

1. Citrus Cooked Rhubarb and Syrup

The fabrication of tart and tangy mash-up of rhubarb, orange zest and honey is perfect to be served alone or like any other compote to top your pancakes or waffles. Enjoy the sweet-and-sour amalgamation!


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