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9 Best Solutions for Knee Pain


Knee pain is very discomforting and problematic yet, very common in adults. The reason is that carrying a lot of weights on them, knee joints have to work a lot. Walking, running, kneeling and stair schlepping are the activities that we perform several times a day that can be problematic if your knee joints are not strong enough to bear the weight.

20% of us have experienced knee pain in the past three months. The most common reasons can be injuries or osteoarthritis that gets more common as you age.

Here are 9 simple methods that can help you ease your knee pain:

1. Ice

Frozen peas are a great solution to knee swelling or knee pain. Whether the pain that you are experiencing is due to a knee injury or arthritis; you can ease it by molding ice around your joints for 20 minutes. This helps bring down the inflammation; the main reason behind pain and swelling.


Using NSAIDS is much better than using acetaminophen. If your stomach allows you to do so, take such drugs (like ibuprofen) for 10-14 days to ease the pain. Elizabeth Matzin, surgical director of women’s musculoskeletal health at Harvard Medical School says that taking these drugs this way is much better than starting and stopping.


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