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Healthy Foods Helpful for Betterment in Survival of the Colorectal Cancer


Colorectal cancer develops in the parts of large intestine; mostly it is due to old age and lifestyle factors. According to the American studies, it is proved that if a person diagnosed with the Colorectal cancer can have a better and long life if one improves his diet routine.

A person can survive colorectal cancer as there are almost 1.4 million survivors living in the United States. Studies show that diet influences a patient’s life so much as well as on disease outcomes that are related to the survival in men and women with CRC. But it does not mean that with diet patterns can measure all the aspects and can save a life just with the diet control. And making the development of evidence-based recommendations for CRC survivors difficult.

Mark A Guinter, Ph.D., MPH, American Cancer Society post-doctoral fellow studied the data of 2,801 males and female who were diagnosed with colorectal in the prospective of Cancer Prevention Study-II (CPS-II) Nutrition Cohort of the American Cancer Society. The conclusion of the study shows that the patients who were following the guidelines of the American Cancer society on their diet and nutrition’s has lower the causes of the death threat.

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms
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As before they have studied the cases with colorectal cancer and their diets which of them were same to the American Cancer Society have 22% lower risk of death as compared to the others and another important thing they have noticed is that the highest quartile of firstly diagnosed dietary pattern, which was characterized by high intakes of red meat and other animal products, had 30% higher risk of CRC death compared with the lowest quartile. Whereas in the after diagnosed diets they have compared the death risks of the highest and the lowest which in the results showed that 65% lower risk of CRC mortality and a 38% lower risk of mortality from all causes according to American Cancer Society.

The diet which was recommended to the cancer patients includes more of the plant foods like vegetables and all that in the additional diet patterns and the consumption of the red meat were very low. They conclude that the results of all these diet patterns are important and significant diet quality can make the possible betterment in the health of colorectal cancer patients whether men or women.

Anal Cancer vs Colon Cancer
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The Ph.D. doctor of American Cancer Society Mark A. Guinter said “This study is this first to our knowledge that considered change in diet quality across the CRC continuum, these results suggest that high diet quality after diagnosis, even if poor before, may be associated with a lower risk of death.”

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